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Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training

The Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training (COLT) program is a dynamic semester designed to train well-rounded outdoor educators and guides. Over the semester, students build leadership skills and confidence in both land and water-based activities.

Emphasis is placed on experiential learning, and most of the program is based around out-trips. While living amongst their peers, students will learn to work as a team and will be given opportunities to both lead and follow on a daily basis.

Environmental factors

Our weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable with climate change. Factors include heavy wind and rain, flooding, drought and fire smoke. Strathcona Park Lodge is fortunate to be located in close proximity to many different programming options and a very experienced and flexible senior instructor team. The COLT Directors and Instructors will work together to adapt programming if necessary with the safety and learning of our students taking priority in our decision making process. Adaptations may affect the program schedule as well as locations.

Spring 2024 Semester

Fall 2024 Semester

Program Details


CAD $20.500
 *all fees explained here


100 Days



Minimum Age

19 Years Old

  • Lake Water Canoe Instructor (RCABC and/or Paddle Canada)
  • SKGABC Assistant Sea Kayak Guide (AOG)
  • Restricted Radio Operator’s Certificate (ROC-M)
  • Whitewater Rescue Training I & II (WWR I & II)
  • 90-hour Advanced Wilderness First Aid (WFA90)
  • West Coast Trail Guide
I always tell people that doctors and lawyers work hard all year round, then pay me money just to come live my life for week!
Tobin Leopkey, Owner and Program Director of Section 8 - All Mountain Ski and Board Training


Introduction to Backcountry Camping

This is the first outtrip of the program. Introducing students to backcountry camping, including learning how to plan, pack and behave in the wilderness.

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Canoe Instructor Course

After completion of this course you will obtain the RCABC certification - Lake Water Instructor - Level 2

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Whitewater Canoeing

During this course students will learn how to maneuver easy white water in a canoe.

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Introduction to Rock Climbing

This course is the introduction to rock climbing, where students will successfully demonstrate the ability to be able to safely run a top rope session with clients.

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Rock Climbing Immersion

Students will be exposed to more techniques, multi-pitch rock climbing, lead climbing and rope rescues.

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Directed Studies in Adventure Education

This course is designed to allow students the opportunity to investigate a specific field or topic in Adventure-based tourism or education.

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Introduction to Mountain Travel

Introduction to Mountain Travel introduces students to the world of hiking in alpine terrain.

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Introduction to Snow & Glacier Travel

During this course students travel into alpine terrain and will learn basic rope rescue systems.

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Mountain Journey

This is the final trip that concludes the land based teaching component of the COLT program.

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Restricted Marine Radio Operator

This course teaches students the required skills to operate a marine radio (VHF).

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Sea Kayaking I

This course is the introduction to sea kayaking, leaving students able to plan and execute a basic sea kayak trip.

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Sea Kayaking II

This course is the qualifying course for your Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC Assistant Overnight Guide Certificate.

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White Water Rescue Training

Earn an international certification (WWR I&II) the standard for beginner to intermediate paddlers, river leaders (guiding / instructing on introductory whitewater)

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Whitewater Kayaking I

This course is the introduction to whitewater kayaking. You will learn all you need to know to be safe in easy whitewater.

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Whitewater Kayaking II

This course builds on the course - Whitewater Kayaking I, leaving you feeling more comfortable and experienced with your whitewater kayaking skills.

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Surf Kayaking

This course exposes students to ocean surf kayaking, leaving them feeling more competent in whitewater and the ocean.

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River Adventure

This trip concludes the whitewater section of the COLT program and allows students to choose preferred whitewater craft.

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Wilderness First Aid & CPR

After successful completion of this course you will have extensive knowledge in wilderness first aid and remote care of injured and sick people.

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