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Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to assess hazards in moving water situations and will be able to manage the risk involved in operating in this environment. You will gain experience in reading a river and its features and will feel more comfortable to maneuver those features.

Course Details

Required Course Materials

Reference material provided by Boreal River Rescue; personal items as per COLT Clothing and Equipment List

Course Duration

2 Days (20 hours)

Homework Hours

4 hours

Delivery Methods

In-class instruction; in-field instruction

Teaching Methods

Lecture format; hands-on training

Methods of Student Evaluation

Ongoing assessment by instructors

Completion Requirements

Participate in course and all exercises; application of  learned skills during field session.

Three years ago today I would've just been learning to paddle a canoe on flat water with Tony and now I'm preparing for a Yukon WW Canoe experience!
Daniel Mously, COLT Instructor, Raft Guide and NOLS instructor