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Room and board are included in your fees along with your tuition, certifications and transportation while at COLT.

Where You Live

The COLT program’s base is Strathcona Park Lodge, a busy outdoor education centre and resort. The Lodge sits on the shore of Upper Campbell Lake and just outside Strathcona Provincial Park, the oldest park in B.C. The sunsets here are amazing: the Lodge looks west where the lake narrows, squeezed by some of the highest mountains on Vancouver Island.

It’s about 40 minutes by car to Campbell River, the nearest town, where you can enjoy a dose of the city on your day off, or pick up personal supplies.

COLT students live in the rustic but cozy Big Den, an exclusive area with a communal lounge, gear drying area and classroom. You’ll share a room with two or three other COLT students. Each of you will have a bed, chair and closet for gear storage. There are shared laundry facilities and bathrooms and parking for those that have their own vehicles. Big Den is a short walk from the dining room and other Lodge facilities.

The rest of the time the Lodge is your home. It’s ideal for recovering from your latest adventure. The lake warms up to perfect swimming temperatures. There are trails to wander, excellent food to enjoy, and 80 staff to befriend.

The Lodge is like its own little town run on the principles of sustainability. Power comes from a hydro system and as we are off-grid and remote, there is no phone service or TV. The Internet is available but limited in speed. We compost and minimize garbage.

What You Eat

The food here is legendary. Hungry COLTies are never left wanting. We serve buffet-style meals three times a day at the Whale Room, a communal dining room. Local, free range and unprocessed foods are a focus. Meals are healthy and varied with plenty of options for sides and mains. The kitchen staff can usually accommodate all diets, with options for vegan, vegetarian, lactose and gluten-free meals.

The COLT students prepare food for out-trips with help from the kitchen staff. The kitchen is well equipped with food options for every kind of trip.

Allergies and Special Diets

Dietary considerations are taken seriously at Strathcona and food allergies are of utmost concern. Our kitchen is allergy aware and we do not serve peanuts or tree nuts. We’ve catered for people who have allergies to fish, shellfish, fruits & vegetables, soy, sesame, dairy, eggs, legumes – you name it. We know the difference between the needs of someone with Celiac disease and choosing to have a gluten-free diet. We always have a vegetarian option and can cater to vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free diets or those with restrictions for religious reasons. Please let us know if you have special dietary needs on your medical form.

While we work hard to cater for food allergies and do our best to ensure a safe experience for our guests, we cannot absolutely guarantee an allergy-free dining environment. If you have any questions about our ability to look after your food needs, please contact us directly.