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Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will have basic understanding of whitewater kayaking skills, know basic hydrology of a river and know and understand the risks involved. You will know how to wet exit your kayak, how to do a t-rescue and help others to self rescue as well.

Lean and angle is a concept you understand and basic paddling strokes will keep you moving in easy whitewater. You might even be able to do a kayak role.

Course Details

Required Course Materials

Personal items as per COLT Clothing and Equipment List

Course Duration

3 Days (24 hours)

Homework Hours


Delivery Methods

In-field instruction

Teaching Methods

Hands-on teaching

Methods of Student Evaluation

Ongoing assessment by instructors

Completion Requirements


I will always take with me the humility that is required when adventuring in the outdoors. A big ego will be trampled on by nature, & I think it is a very healthy mindset to learn for life in general.
Laurence Halsted, Olympic Fencer & Kayak Guide