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Of course it is their tremendous achievements in climbing and mountaineering that catches everyone’s ears at first but Rob and Laurie’s contribution to the philosophy of Strathcona Park Lodge and COLT is what has really tied them into our program. With Rob’s ongoing reflection on what it is that we learn when traveling in the mountains and Laurie’s complete dedication to a sustainable life style they continue to inspire students as elders of their field.

For years Rob and Laurie taught wilderness self reliance on a three day mountain trip during the COLT program. Due to health reasons they have scaled down and now share their wisdom with the students during a program day at the Lodge.

Rob and Laurie built an off-the-grid homestead on Maurelle Island where they continue to host our students on sea kayak trips in the discovery islands and there fore also inspire people who want to explore living in alternative communities.

Also check out Rob’s new film project here: